Frequently Asked Questions

Is my child too young for Martial Arts?

In short: There is no such thing as too young or too old to learn the skills Martial Arts has to offer.  

For small children the focus can be difficult, so we keep the classes for them short and ensure it is an immersive and interactive experience for each individual child.  

All children mature differently, buy typically 4 years old is a common age to begin as long as the classes are properly geared toward that age group.  (Check out our Panda Kung Fu and Ninja Cubs classes!!)

Am I too old for Martial Arts?

You are never too old to strengthen your body, mind, and spirit!  Martial Arts is beneficial in every stage of life!

All classes are tailored to help every student achieve their personal goals, which means allowing (and helping) people to adjust for their individual capabilities.  

Karate and Kung Fu offer stronger focus on athleticism, whereas Tai Chi focuses on balance, flexibility, and meditation.  There is something at Kent Karate for everyone.

How long does it take to get a black belt?

As disappointing as an ambigous answer can be, there truly is no right answer to this question.

Factors such as physical capabilities, discipline, and dedication and truly what determine how long it will take each person.  

Kent Karate is a traditional dojo and promotions are not scheduled in a cadence.  

Promotions are scheduled as Sensei watches students in their performance and evaluates that they are ready for the next stage of learning and discusses with the other instructors that participate in the class.

That said, a person who fully dedicates themself to their art can achieve a blank belt rank in about 5 years.  And when you get there, that's when you realize your training and truly just begun!   

How do I start?

Simply show up!

Decide which classes interest you most, then take a peek at our Class Schedules to find out when they are offered. 

When you're ready, stop in (preferably a few minutes before the class begins).  You'll be invited to join in - free of charge, of course - so wear something comfortable and easy to move in, but not overly baggy.  

If you decide to sign up your monthly tuition will be prorated for the first month!

Still not sure of something?  Reach out!  Stop in, email, or call to speak to Sensei Heidi!

Does Martial Arts really benefit people with ADD/ADHD?

"...beyond the physical, many of the most valuable aspects of the martial arts are the lessons of social intelligence and mental discipline. That is what makes this particular activity useful for shepherding the development of skills that address the challenges of ADD/ADHD, for both children and adults." - Michael J Formica MS, MA, EdM (Source: Psychology Today)

Martial Arts teaches a unique set of skills that have proven very beneficial to people struggling with such disorders as ADD/ADHD.  People crave routine and structure, and this is even more true for those that struggle with organizational and focus skills.  But it can be difficult to obtain because the very nature of such disorders is scattered and fractured thoughts and actions.  Martial Arts provides that necessary routine and structure, but in a setting that immerses the student and keeps it interesting.  The mental and physical discipline that Martial Arts provides is subconsciously exercised then in every day life at school, work, and home.  

Additionally, it creates an excellent outlet for some of that bound up energy and frustration those with Attention Deficit and/or social disorders are often challenged with.

Martial Arts is an excellent activity for people in all walks of life that provides skills that help practitioners deal with the every day grind of work, school, and social situations.  The benefits to those with additional challenges are time-tested and parent approved!

Even better: Our head instructor, Sensei Heidi Gauntner is a state-certified educator with the Hudson school district.  Her training and experience as a classroom teacher gives her a unique insight and ability to bond with and help shape the needs of those with additional learning opportunities!

If you or your child struggles with attention, social, or anxiety disorders, we encourage you to speak with Sensei Heidi about how she can help!  Call 234-703-1808 or email to reach Sensei Heidi directly!

Why are there so many different schools referenced on this site?

Kent Karate and Family fitness is a single dojo and the home of Kent Isshinryu Karate and the Isshinryu Karate Academy.  

But the Martial Arts community is really one big family, and it's great to have the opportunity to give students access to multiple disciplines within the same building.  

As this dojo is large with multiple floors, we invited some special like-minded instructors from partnering schools to use the dojo for their classes as well.  This provides benefits to everyone:

  • Students have access to a very well-rounded Martial Arts experience.  
  • Not only are these classes offered in a single location, but they are led by true experts in their disciplines.
  • Provides training opportunities that might otherwise be geographically challenging.  

These schools often maintain their own websites and social media pages.  In order to ensure all of our information is the most current, we often link to the websites of these partner schools for details on their particular classes.  

So even though the dojo is owned and run by Sensei Gauntner for the Isshinryu Karate and Okinawan Weaponry classes, we refer to dojo as Kent Karate and Family Fitness to include all of our extended family!

Are you a Martial Arts instructor interested in learning about becoming a member of the Kent Karate family?