The Kent Karate & Family Fitness dojo houses several Martial Arts schools, including:

  • The Isshinryu Karate Academy
  • White Birch Martial Arts
  • Mountain Martial Arts Tae Kwon Do   

A variety of Okinawan, Chinese Martial Arts, Korean Arts, and fitness classes are offered by all schools.  These schools are led by like-minded instructors, specializing in their art as well as sharing between theses arts.  This group of schools and their instructors have produced a rich Martial Arts environment for you to grow and learn.  

Check out the various disciplines these schools offer below!  Sign up for one or a few!

Well-Rounded Training

Isshinryu Karate


"The One Heart Way"

Isshinryu Karate is a traditional martial art that originates from Okinawa, founded by Tatsuo Shimabuku.  

Our way of art is in melding body, mind, and spirit into a single flow (the one heart way), and is widely known striking with a vertical fist. 

We offer Isshinryu Karate classes for the entire family!  Ninja Cubs for 7 & Under, Kids Karate for 8-12 Yrs, and Adult Karate for 13+!  Each class is tailored for the specific needs that each age range has!

Kobudo (Weaponry)


Ryukyu Kobudo is traditional Okinawan weaponry including Bō, Sai, Eku, Kama, Tinbe-Rochin, Tekko, Nunchaku and Tonfa.

Suitable for ages 12 years & up

Tai Chi and Kung Fu


Tai Chi and Kung Fu classes are led by Sifu Larry Vincent and his White Birch team at the Kent Karate dojo!

Suitable for mature teens and adults

Learn more about adult kung fu and tai chi at 

Fitness Kickboxing and Fitness Self-Defense


Self Defense is offered in two classes, Fitness Self-Defense and Fitness Kickboxing  Self-Defense.  

Included in our Fitness classes is LIFe (Low-Intensity Fitness), perfect for beginners and those who need lower intensity exercise!

All are led by Sifu Larry Vincent and the White Birch team.

Check out for details on these classes!

Suitable for mature teens and adults