The Kent Karate Difference

Qualified Instructors


Kent Karate offers the unique benefit of a licensed educator as our head instructor!

Sensei Heidi Gauntner is a teacher for the Hudson school system and has spent over 30 years as an IWKA-certified karate instructor.  

All of the Black Belts at Kent Karate are certified by IWKA and also receive the benefit of Sensei Gauntner's training as an educator.  This training is passed on and allows us to keep our goal of averaging an instructor available for every 3 students!

Inclusive Dojo


All are welcome at Kent Karate.

Karate is an art that can be experienced by people of every age and every physical ability.  

We support and train the whole person and help each student to become the best version of themself.

Kent Karate and Family Fitness has a variety of students that range greatly in physical ability, age, and background.

We offer training in a safe, judgement-free environment, where every person is valued for their contribution to the group.

Access to Multiple Disciplines


Kent Karate and Family Fitness dojo houses 4 separate martial arts schools.  

Our students have the unique opportunity to experience not only Isshinryu, but also Tai Chi, Kung Fu, Kick Boxing, Self-Defense, Tae Kwon Do, and various weaponry all in the same dojo!

These schools all offer like-minded, qualified instructors and the same inclusive spirit.  Discounts are available for students seeking multiple disciplines!

Family and Multi-Discipline Discounts!

We offer competitive pricing for all students.  

Families with more than one student receive an escalated discount for each person enrolled.

Students who wish to enroll in multiple classes also receive a discounted rate.